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The tools
drummer’s focus works with an excellent selection of all major commercially available publications on drum training that we regard as suitable for our teaching. 

We also create our own worksheets, motion and technique diagrams, hundreds of df-specific etudes in finale printouts covering all levels and styles and we offer a great amount of music and endless patterns in different grooves and feelings.

Haven’t you always dreamt of being the drummer in your favorite band? Now you can simply go for it and play along while listening to our drumless playbacks boosted by the power of our professional Bose PAs. The full range from classical tunes, top-forty hits and challenging sight reading is available at your fingertips.

Modern Drummer magazine 8/1996 www.modern-drummer.com
“The concept behind drummer’s focus reveals a deep commitment. The school believes in a total conditioning aspect of teaching where the student is encouraged to develop body, spirit and soul to use his or her body in a natural way to create good time and sound.”

Sticks magazine issue 2/1994 www.sticks.de
“... a wide range of training units enables students to reach a very advanced amateur level and to develop beyond that to a level where they can work as a professional drummer.”

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