drummer's studio

Rooms & equipment of the df schools

  • Total area of all schools more than 1000 m²
  • A total of 22 soundproof, large, bright and transparent instruction rooms, each equipped with 2-3 drum sets
  • Training and rehersal rooms for students with ready-to-play drum sets at every site
  • A total of 38 high quality, professional Mapex drum sets in different configurations with a 5/6 piece set of Sabian cymbals
  • PA or headphone systems offer hundreds of drumless playbacks covering all musical styles
  • Full-sized mirrors for visual checks
  • Snare drum room for special basic training units covering kinematics, fine motor tuning, technical issues, staff training, etc.
  • Tools: video, drum computer, technical accessories
  • df.M has a digital recording studio with a separate recording room used for the studio classes
  • Stage area for workshops and different kinds of performances
  • Large chill-out areas with coffee corner, TV, DVD, Blu-Ray,  playbacks, billboards, etc. at each site

Abendzeitung München AZ 2-21-2002 www.abendzeitung.de
“...the talent forming drummer’s focus...which is one of the world’s most modern and best equipped schools of its kind.”
D&P: “The methodical training, equipment and competence are unique in Germany.” ...and: “One of the largest and most professional drum schools in Europe.”

Drums & Percussion magazine issue 12/1992 www.drumsundpercussion.de
“The methodical classes, equipment and competence are unique in Germany.”
...and: “One of the largest, most professional drum schools in Europe.”

Sticks magazine issue 12/2005 www.sticks.de
“Another remarkable aspect of drummer’s focus training is the fact that even an amateur quickly learns to play freely and effortlessly on the drum set in a groovy way and also learns to play any musical style in different bands.”

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