drummer's status

Professional Training

After passing intensive tests, the drummer’s focus drum schools have been officially recognized by the governments of Upper Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and by the government of the district of Cologne as institutions that “offer proper preparation for a professional career.” The same application has been submitted to the state of Salzburg. drummer’s focus has thus achieved a status that is far from common for private educational establishments. In other words, this means that the training at drummer’s focus is accepted as vocational training by all health insurance companies. Last but not least, for professional drummers, 100% of our fees and all traveling costs are tax deductible.

df teacher and graduate Pete Wrba (among other things: drummer for Rainhard Fendrich and Gianna Nannini) on 5-29-2003 in the ‘Münchener Nachtgalerie’ on the 20th anniversary of drummer’s focus München “20 Years on the Beat”, live at the high point of evening with his studio colleagues.

Drums & Percussion magazine issue 1/1990 www.drumsundpercussion.de
“... there’s no doubt that, with this kind of training, the level of drummers will be raised considerably.”

Sticks magazine issue 11/1996 www.sticks.de
“Drum training at it’s highest level”
... and:
“The best foundation for drum training that in unparalleled anywhere else in Europe.”

DrumHeads magazine issue 3/2006 www.drum-heads.de
... and:
“Even if it’s a specialty of drummer’s focus to train professionals, the focus remains on amateur drumming.”

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