drummer's statements


Curt Cress, with 13,000 titles on record and CD www.curtcress.de, says in 2001:
“Whenever I’m asked for the name of a drum school where you actually really learn something in a cool atmosphere I only say drummer’s focus. My son Lauro has been going to the school for six years now and he still goes with enthusiasm.”

Wolfgang Haffner, Germany’s no. 1 “export drummer” in a mail to Cloy Petersen dated 9-23-2001:
“drummer’s focus definitely belongs to the best drum schools in Europe and is the ideal foundation for every drummer on the road to a professional career: drummer’s focus rules!”

Dom Famularo, international drum entertainer, worldwide drum teacher and author www.domfamularo.com in a personal letter to Cloy Petersen dated 12-27-1996:
“drummer’s focus sets the highest standards to develop your talent and pushes you to levels you could previously only have dreamt of. There is nothing like it anywhere else!”
... and:
“Cloy, you are truly one of the >Modern Drummin' Men<”
... and in a mail dated 12-19-2005:
“Keep going ... you are leading the way for the next generation of drummers!”

Wolfgang Haffner and Cloy Petersen in the entrance hall of df.M after the 2-27-1998 workshop on their way to ‘Café Schwabing’
Dom Famularo gave the first of several workshops in June 1991at df.M

df continues to receive hundreds of mails full of good reviews, praise and suggestions. Below are two examples:

17-year-old df student Fabian Brundke from Munich in a mail to df-München dated 3-20-2006:
“Hello, I just wanted to say that training with Thomas Bittner is simply incredible and so is the whole school!!! I’m so happy to be able to take lessons in your school! Keep it up, regards Fabian.”

From Stuttgart, df student Klaus Rosner - www.klaus-rosner.de / www.grimm-rock.de - writes in a mail to Cloy Petersen dated 10-6-2006:
“… I am writing to you because last week I had an unbelievable experience with Andy [Witte], and (I only realized later) that I own it to you, too: about seven years ago, I visited your place with a colleague of mine for a trial lesson. I learned a lot about movements, space and timing, etc. – I can’t remember everything in detail. But, at the time, I didn’t really understand what you wanted to tell us. But it has just hit me like a sledgehammer and I have suddenly realized what you gave me for my journey ../... In short: I just want to say hello and a big THANK YOU because last week (thanks to you and Andy) simply turned my life around. I really hope to meet you again in person. My respects to you and my kindest regards, Klaus Rosner.”

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