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The Studio Course at drummer’s focus Munich

Many young drummers went through tough times when first playing for their band or a producer in a recording studio. The situation itself was difficult enough without the dubious glances of the audience making matters worse. In contrast, the special df Studio Course is completely relaxed and carefully prepares the student for all kinds of recording techniques. Never again will the student have the feeling of diving head first into cold water and the first real life recording session will feel right from the start.

Within the studio environment and in combination with very special instructions and a certain type of “CD knowledge”, the student will learn to adapt to the disciplined recording situation. In other words, an experienced studio drummer does not try to play on the beat – as many amateurs do – but instead integrates the beat into the performance and has an instinctive feel for when the beat will come.

The Studio Course looks at the performance of a drummer in a recording studio. The technical surroundings, recording technology, microphone pick ups, business aspects and instrumental background with regard to set-up and drum tuning play a minor role but are also covered within the framework of the existing equipment.

Wolfgang Rösch – instructor df Studio Course at df.M

Training is given to single students or to groups of up to 3-4 students.

After each lesson, each student is given a CD of the respective lesson/recordings.

The instructor is Wolfgang Röschdf.M.

Recording studio equipment at drummer’s focus München:

  • Separate rooms for recording and mastering
  • Recording room featuring a high class Mapex drum set including Beyerdynamic micro- and earphones
  • Mastering room with a brand new Tascam SX1-DAW digital audio workstation, 40-channel mixer and 24-bit hard disc recorder with CD burner.

Here you can learn more about Wolfgang Rösch.

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