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drummer’s focus has been dedicated to giving professional drum lessons since 1983. In January 2010, our professional team of 38 drum teachers at five different sites regularly gave well over 1,000 hours of drum lessons per week. df-Munich give 43% of these lessons. Although we have students from all over Europe, they mainly come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and have a variety of different motivations:
Beginners are eager to learn the one instrument that fascinates them most. They enjoy the confidence of effective and recognized tuition that is finely tuned to deliver the perfect balance between fun and knowledge.

Amateur musicians are those who want professional guidance to help them improve. They are given the tools to transform their musical inspiration into real live reality.
Professional drummers are on a personal journey to hone their skills in order to perform to the very best of their ability. They learn what makes the world’s best drummers so successful.
Workaholics are simply looking for some degree of work-life balance. We understand how precious their leisure time is and promise to bring about a true shift of power for body and soul!
Very young students simply find playing the drums cool. To nurture this feeling, they are taught according to their age, talent and natural musical instinct.

Classical drum professionals or drum teachers want to extend their repertoire to modern drums. We work closely with them in order to develop an individual concept to enhance both their personal performance and their teaching.

In brief:
You come with your individual expectations.
You decide on your individual target. We accompany you on your road to perfection.

df-Student Carola Grey giving a live solo performance on 5-29-2003 in the “Münchener Nachtgalerie” during the “20 Years on the Beat” anniversary of drummer’s focus Munich.

Sticks magazine issue 6-1999 www.sticks.de
“With drummer’s focus, the drum student rules.”

df student Christoph Schlumberger www.drumlab.de wrote in a personal mail to Cloy Petersen in February 1999: 
“Cloy, you know that your lessons are the most important thing to me at the moment. The hours we spend together act as a catalyst for many issues that are actually changing me and my environment and have definitely put me in a very realistic and natural light.”

df student Jürgen Wiehler (Bambam) www.vintage-drum-net.de drummer of Bonfire www.bonfire.de states in an interview in Sticks magazine 8-2001: 
“Many of my questions about technique or stick handling have been answered … today I pay much more attention to the way things feel or sound.”

df student Carola Grey – Germany’s most prominent drummer – www.carolagrey.de
“Thanx for the incredible, life-changing inspiration!!!“

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