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It all began in 1983 with just a handful of students. Over the following 27 years, drummer’s focus has evolved into an institution that enjoys a worldwide reputation. It has become a pool from which successful acts recruit their drummers. Last but not least, it has become a meeting point that also welcomes stars of the business on a regular basis.

However, first and foremost, drummer’s focus remains what it always has been: a school that – despite all its glamorous publicity – takes its teaching responsibility extremely seriously. Its sole mission remains to guide its students towards personal and professional success. This will continue to motivate us for the next 27 years. And it goes without saying that it’s also a whole load of fun …

drummer’s focus at a glance:
Founded in 1982 by Cloy Petersen in Munich, it first opened its doors in 1983; it was the first modern drum school in Germany to be officially recognized as a professional trainer by the Bavarian Government.

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drummer’s focus gives drum lessons to beginners and amateurs of all ages – from age 10 onwards – as well as to professionals furthering their career as drummer and/or drum teacher. It teaches all styles, grooves and feels of the modern drum set.

df teacher and df graduate Tommy Eberhardt with his band Legacy live on 5-29-2003 in the “Münchener Nachtgalerie” at “20 Years on the Beat”, the 20th anniversary of drummer’s focus Munich.

Soundcheck magazine issue 8-2003 www.soundcheck.de
“drummer’s focus, the first drum school in Germany and now one of the largest in Europe.” 

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