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Our Students
We need only mention a few famous names to demonstrate the uniqueness of drummer’s focus. No other drum school in Europe has produced more well-known amateur and professional drummers than drummer’s focus. Countless students who have long been recognized as local, national and even international heroes now play in successful bands such as 3. Generation, Banana Fishbones, Beat-Betrieb, Bonfire, Coalminer’s Beat, EinsHoch6,
Electric Ladyland, Emil Bulls, Farmer Boys, Freistil, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Les Babacools, Letzte Instanz, Münchener Freiheit, The Notwist, Saragossaband, Spider Murphy Gang, Rhapsody and many, many more. They also accompany world stars.

You can see df talent on stage during musicals or rock operas:
Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon, Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera, Faust, Othello, The Wall and Cabaret to name just a few major acts.

Furthermore, other df drummers belong to the most popular studio league in Munich or perform on CDs by, for example, Wolfgang Ambros, Georg Danzer, Farin Urlaub and Rainhard Fendrich. Last not least: even classical and jazz orchestras don’t shy away from us!

The sounds of “the vibes of drummer’s focus” can be heard in various radio big bands, in the ‘Bayerischen Jugend Bigband’, the ‘Bundesjugend-Jazzorchester’, in the ‘Orchester des Stuttgarter Musical-Centers’, in the ‘Veterinary Street Jazz Band’ (Knoff Hoff), in the ‘Roncalli-Zirkusorchester’, in the ‘Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks’ and even at the ‘Münchener Philharmoniker’.

Soundcheck magazine issue 6/2003 www.soundcheck.de:
“Today, drummer’s focus is one of the most highly regarded trainers in Europe.”
... and:
“It’s a special feature of the school that, over the years, it has continued to train drummers to become stars.”

Schwabinger Seiten issue 5-23-2003 www.wochenanzeiger.de:
“... all have studied at drummer’s focus: drummer’s focus students who have become stars.”

df student Dirk Eichholz, Berlin www.formwandler.de in a mail dated 4-29-2003:
“I’m also very, very proud to have studied with you.”

df student Claus Legarth, drummer of Splendour www.splendour.info in a mail dated 4-30-2003:
“I have to say that, wherever I go, drummer’s focus is considered the absolute essence of professional drumming. As soon as you mention the name, eyebrows are raised with reverence. When I look at the students and, of course, the teachers during their performances, I realize time and again that this is based on a solid foundation. Hats off to Cloy! What’s more, I am really happy with the training, the family feel and my own personal progress.”

df student Harald Wester, Einingen, www.harrydrum.de in a mail from March 2001:
“I’ve only really realized just how good your concept is in the last two years. If you mess about too much too soon with a student on the set you’ll soon end up in a dead end. Why? ..., because the basis is not made out of concrete or steel but of sand. The only way to achieve permanent success is to transport and store the basics in the atoms and molecules – yes, right inside your soul. It’s like painting a boat. Most of the care goes into the preparation – the sanding, cleaning and drying before the paint is applied. It took me a long time to realize this. Thanks a lot, Cloy. You are the MOTHER SHIP for us drummers!!!!!”

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