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Our Partners

There is one more feature of a good drum school: the pooling of resources with drum manufacturers and equipment professionals, cooperating with traders and organizing student exchanges with similar institutions. Our partners are your partners!

Drummer’s focus would like to thank our partners Mapex, Sabian, Vic Firth, Roland, Klemm-Music and Beyerdynamic. A special thanks goes to “Musik und Technik” M&T in Marburg for more than 25 years (!) of support, cooperation and friendship.

Mapex-Drums www.mapexdrums.com
Sabian-Cymbals www.sabian.com
Vic Firth Sticks www.vicfirth.com
Roland Music www.roland.com
Roland eDrums www.rolandmusik.de 
Beyerdynamic Microphonie www.beyerdynamic.de
Remo-Felle www.remo.com
Klemm-Music www.klemm-music.de
Hieber-Lindberg München www.hieber-lindberg.de
Just-Music München www.justmusic.de  
Troyan Drumshop München www.troyandrumshop.de
Drum-Point Stuttgart www.drum-point-stuttgart.de
Key-Wi Music Salzburg www.keywimusic.com
DrumCenter Köln www.drumcenter.de
Reinhold's Drumshop Markdorf www.reinholds-drumshop.de
Musikschule Bodensee Friedrichshafen www.musikschule-bodensee.de
Percussion Factory München www.percussionfactory.de
Blue Planet Musikkurse München www.blueplanet-musikkurse.de    
MGI Münchener Gitarren-Institut www.m-g-i.de
BSM Bass-Schule München www.m-g-i.de
Power Percussion www.powerpercussion.de
SAE School of Audio Engineering www.saecollege.de / www.sae.edu
Deutsche Pop-Akademie www.deutsche-pop.de
Music Support Group www.musicsupportgroup.com
EVS Equipment-Verleih-Service 
John Lennon Talent Award www.jlta.de
Itzehoer Versicherung www.itzehoer.de
Flensburger Pilsener www.flens.de
Ford-Focus www.ford.de

df student Jürgen Staab in an interview in Sticks magazine issue 2/1999 www.juergenstaab.de
“So I have to thank Cloy Petersen, too, the 3.5 years there were very successful!”

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