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General Manager: Andy Witte
The son of a musician who put his heart and soul into playing bass on stage with stars like Chick Corea and all German jazz legends. He was taught by Charly Antolini no less. Andy Witte’s story has a fairytale element to it: for more than 10 years, he worked his way through Germany’s big music business to achieve an unparalleled musical range. Andy Witte is always happy to share his wealth of experience with his students. He has managed the df subsidiary in Stuttgart since 1994 and opened the school in Bodensee-Markdorf in 2003 and the school in Bodensee-Friedrichshafen in 2007.

About the location:
Ideally situated in Stuttgart’s city center, Germany’s second largest drum school has four glass-walled studios and an integrated training room 250 m² in size. Eight teachers give 250 hours of training per week. In addition, the new “Drum Point” in-house shop offers top- quality products spanning new and used instruments, professional consulting and qualified repairs. df.S is easily accessible and is just a short walk away from the train station passing through Stuttgart’s prime address for shopping, coffee and, of course, drumming!

df.S General Manager Andy Witte with drum legend Steve Gadd, 2-8-1998 in Stuttgart.

Stuttgarter Zeitung issue 6-18-1998 www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de
“Playing drums like the Americans...” and:
“drummer’s focus – the drum school in the center of Stuttgart – a location for communication.”

Jazz-Führer of the city of Stuttgart 1996:
“... since the school is managed by the drummer Andy Witte, there’s no doubt about the success ahead.”

df student Mark Fleck, sports scientist, in a mail to Andy Witte in April 2006:
“It flows. At df, I’ve had an experience similar to sports –it takes on a momentum of it’s own. Timing without effort because I am totally at one with my body and its movements.”

df student Bruno Bozinovic writes to Andy Witte, 2006:
“After my first df lesson, I went home with huge enthusiasm. After many years of df lessons, I still have the same enthusiasm. Each and every week it reappears. Thank you!”

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