drummer's focus Salzburg

General Manager: Markus Meinecke
At the tender age of 12, Markus Meinecke was already playing in various formations covering several styles ranging from big band to funky fusion. In 1993, he started his training at drummer’s focus and decided to embark upon a professional career. Together with the “Hot Shot Blues Band”, he performed live on stage up to 100 times a year. For a long time, he had the vision of founding a drum school of his own. It is very important to him to be able to share his good vibrations as a teacher with his students.

About the location:
Standing in the road outside, a glance through the huge main window of drummer’s focus Salzburg gives you a good initial impression of the bright and friendly atmosphere inside. Founded in 2005, drummer’s focus Salzburg is located in Vogelweiderstrasse and is directly accessible via the Salzburg-north Autobahn exit. The school is also accessible on foot from the other side of the city center; simply walk down the famous picturesque Linzer Gasse that is lined with beautiful boutiques and coffee shops. Even Salzburg’s famous “Rockhouse” www.rockhouse.at live club is just a few minutes away – another reason to drop by more often.
At this point, we’re proud to mention a small but significant record: df-Salzburg has been the fastest growing location of all df-Schools since 1982 ... from zero to 100 training hours per week in just 18 months ...

Markus Meinecke

The magazine of the city of Salzburg Stadt:Leben Nr. 34 March 2005 www.stadtleben.at
"Beat to be imitated at school: whether you want to become a drummer or if you are already a professional in a band, the drummer’s focus drum school covers all musical stages.”

Ludwig magazine issue 3/2005 www.ludwig-magazin.de
"The music city of Salzburg has one more attraction.” and:
“So far, hundreds of the school’s drummers have made a career.”

Sticks magazine issue 6/1999 www.sticks.de
“The inside link with the drum set.”

Sticks magazine issue 5/2003 www.sticks.de
“It goes very deep, targeting the whole human being, the soul, the spirit and the movement of the body as much as the inner and outer physical body. It turns a complicated life into a simpler way of living. It helps you make greater connections with the world and, if all goes well, you will understand why you are playing the drums. It creates perfect, natural, individual and powerful performances.”

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