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General Manager: Cloy Petersen
In the 1980s, drummer Cloy Petersen toured all over Europe and performed some 2000 gigs while also focusing on the idea of a completely different kind of drum school. Born in Flensburg (Germany), he lived in Lübeck, Hamburg and Paris before finally settling in Munich where he founded drummer’s focus München, the first modern drum school in Germany.
Cloy Petersen is a cosmopolitan, a musician, an official ambassador and a local government advisor in his hometown of Flensburg but, more than anything else, he is also a keen thinker who persists until he has found the right “instruction manual” that he can also communicate to others. This has made him the “most wanted coach” for high-class drummers all over Europe.

About the location:
Founded in 1982 and opened in 1983, over the last 27 years, drummer’s focus München has become the largest and probably most successful drum school in Europe. It is easily accessible as it is located in the very heart of Schwabing, the world-famous artistic center of Munich with its charming cafes and popular meeting points that is situated at the top of the famous Hohenzollernstrasse shopping mile and close to the Münchener Freiheit. The architecture and design of the building reflect the school’s concept of transparency: spacious with lots of glass surfaces, the visitor is greeted by 250 m² of open and creative space where 18 teachers give a total of 400 hours of drum lessons per week. It’s always worth dropping by, even if just to sneak in to check for updates in the df photo gallery or for some news on the billboard – or to enjoy the famous “vibes of drummer’s focus” live.

Cloy Petersen

Schwabinger Seiten issue 5-23-2003 www.wochenanzeiger.de
“Cloy Petersen’s name stands for quality.”

Flensburger Tageblatt issue 5-17-2003 www.flensburg-online.de
“Cloy Petersen – a drummer, teacher and manager keeps time with his music. Friends affectionately refer to him as the drum Pestalozzi or even the drum Pope.”

Flensburger Tageblatt issue 9-15-2003 www.flensburg-online.de
“Cloy Petersen, founder of an internationally acknowledged drum-school in Munich, has become an ambassador because he likes to give something back to his hometown.”

Rainer Schumann, drummer of Fury in the Slaughterhouse www.fury.de in an interview in Drums & Percussion magazine issue September/October 2002: 
“For the last 3 years, I have taken lessons with Cloy Petersen in Munich and this has helped me enormously.” and “Cloy explained technical details to me, such as sequences of movements, etc., that make life so much easier and that I would never have achieved without Cloy.”

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