drummer’s focus Markdorf

General Manager: Andy Witte (see df.S)

About the location:
drummer’s focus Markdorf is located at the center of the triangle between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Situated between Friedrichshafen and Meersburg, df.BM is even accessible by boat with the Lake Constance ferry station close by. We are very happy to teach many students from Austria and Switzerland. Students welcome the fact that a few large music shops have opened in the vicinity, for example, “Reinhold’s Drumshop”, and Markdorf has become a popular venue for the local Allgäu music scene.

Andy Witte

Sticks magazine issue 12/2002 www.sticks.de
“The grand opening party of the new drummer’s focus school in Markdorf near Lake Constance on the 24th of October was a great success.” ... and:
“At drummer’s focus schools, each drummer can learn on an individual basis exactly what he or she needs to realize his or her playing ambitions because the carefully structured training concept can be exactly tailored to every single type of musician, every performance level and every goal.”

df student Rico Horber, Swiss drum professional www.rico-horber.ch in a mail dated 4-24-2005: 
“I searched all over Switzerland for a good, professional drum school – without success. Since I’ve been studying at df-Markdorf, I have made tremendous progress on a daily basis, and I feel completely comfortable with Andy Witte! Thanks a lot!”

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