drummer’s focus Cologne

General Manager: Hans-Martin Chemnitz
For more than ten years, Hans-Martin Chemnitz has been carrying the spirit of drummer’s focus into the world. He has the gift, heart and soul to communicate his high musical level (Top Stage Diploma in 1998) in such a way that even untrained ears are eager to listen.
His students benefit from this gift as much as his audience. Entirely at home on the big stage for 25 years, as a drummer’s focus teacher in Munich and Stuttgart, he has helped countless drummers on the road to success. His personal journey took him from Bavaria to Cologne by the Rhine. His goal is to make music!

About the location:
The youngest df subsidiary is located in Mauritiussteinweg in busy downtown Cologne – the city with its world famous cathedral – just a two-minute walk from the Neumarkt traffic junction. It is easily accessible using all major tram lines. Situated between romantic churches, traditional breweries and popular shopping streets, at drummer’s focus Köln you will feel both the pulse of the vivid cultural city and the deep sense of history: the many archaeological finds embedded in the walls remind us that the Romans once cultivated wine in the place where beats and grooves are taught today.

Hans-Martin Chemnitz

Kölnische Rundschau 11-3-2005:
“It’s now possible to make professional noise in Cologne, too.”
...and: “... the drummers of the six bands that performed at the event learned their trade at drummer’s focus ... including  the General Manager Hans-Martin Chemnitz ... and delivered the most impressive proof how beautiful noise can be.”

Sticks magazine issue 12/2005 www.sticks.de
“Hans-Martin Chemnitz, General Manager of the new drummer’s focus school in Cologne, surprised his audience during the grand opening party with his excellent drum-solo performance.”

... and: “The party was so successful that, in addition to the 200 invited guests, a large number of guests of the Stadtgarten restaurant ‘got lost’ in the occasion and stayed right there – captivated by the fascination of the drums.”

... and: “The General Manager of drummer’s focus Köln, Hans-Martin Chemnitz, is a top guy from Cloy Petersen’s school close to the Isar.”

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