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Our Special Events
Spectacular events that are spoken and written about in wider circles far beyond the music industry are the hallmark of drummer’s focus drum schools. These events mark any occasion, whether an anniversary, diploma award ceremony, art project or major urban event, as well as internal df events or ones held in cooperation with cultural or business partners. It’s rumored that only drummer’s focus is able to recruit not ten, not fifty, but hundreds of competent drummers at the drop of a hat. And it’s also said that you have to experience this at least once in your lifetime!

Here you’ll find some prominent examples of recent drummer’s focus projects.

You will find a complete list of events at df Chronologie.

Our website also gives details of our future events, so don’t forget to check our news.

6-10-2004 drummer’s focus drummer joins in at the finale of the YES concert at the Olympiahalle Munich.

Drums & Percussion magazine issue 5/2003 www.drumsundpercussion.de:
The D&P cover says the following about “20 Years on the Beat”: “Munich’s Mega-Event” ... and a 6-page article: “The school is one the largest in Europe – and so the party simply had to be mega, too!”

Soundcheck magazine issue 8/2003 www.soundcheck.de:
“Four hours of top-class performances made ‘20 Years on the Beat’ an incomparable anniversary event.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine 5-25-2003 www.faz.de:
“We continue to be surprised by superlatives: Cloy Petersen’s drummer’s focus, which has now become a ‘Schwabing institution’, has every right to the title of Europe’s largest drum school.”

Our audience during the 20Y 20th anniversary of df-München, 5-29-2003. On a single evening, 100 musicians performed live in 20 bands on two stages!

20 Years on the Beat: the 20th anniversary of df-München in May 2003 with 20 live bands performing in a 4.5-hour show on two stages with an audience of 1500: 100 musicians, 50 technicians, 22 security staff, 30 waiters, backstage catering for 250 people, 120 overnight stays in the Hilton Munich Park Hotel, 2 truck trailers for the technical equipment, 5 cameras, mobile DVD recording studio, 10 drum sets, 80 microphones, 10 headsets, 6 walkie-talkies.

30 df drummers play live on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 at the main entrance of the Munich ‘Prinzregenten-Theater’ with a midnight countdown for an audience of 1500: a 15-minute composition played synchronously at a distance of 60 meters!

150 cymbal and gong players are spread out around downtown Munich in December 1999 to mark the official “München im Kunstlicht” millennium party.

200 df drummers perform between drummer’s focus and “Leopoldstraße” at the opening of the celebration of the 11thanniversary of ‘Hohenzollernstraße’ in Munich (“OP13”) www.kulturvergnuegen.de.

500 drummers form a chain of drummers in October 1999 for an event organized by the ‘Bayerischer Rundfunk’ (the official Bavarian radio station) in downtown Munich covering a distance of 4000 meters from ‘Isartor’ to the ‘Rosenheimer Platz’ with live broadcast.

20,000 spectators listen to Cloy Petersen’s 40-minute drum show on 6-7-2003. He performs live with the df band Power-Percussion at the harbor of his hometown Flensburg www.flensburg.de / www.powerpercussion.de.

Grand opening party of df-Stuttgart at the well-known ‘Perkins Park’ on 4-26-1995, recorded live by SDR with VIP guests such as Charly Antolini, Kuno Schmid, Abe Laboriel & Band, Tony Lakatosh, df teachers, etc. Moderator: Matthias Holtmann (SDR). Live music and party until dawn. Practically the entire event was broadcast live on SWR radio.

16 drummer’s focus drummers on stage with the band YES during the finale of the YES concerts on 6-10-2004 in the ‘Olympiahalle’ Munich. www.yesworld.com.

df student Rachel Rep with her band Glow live on 5-29-2003 in Munich during the 20Y 20th anniversary of df.M. Rachel also plays in the band of Farin Urlaub (Die Ärzte).

df student Dieter Wellmann in a mail dated 6-20-2004:
“... as always, df is the leader of the pack when it comes to high-class events!”

Süddeutsche Zeitung SZ issue 10-16-2003 www.sueddeutsche.de in an article on the cultural project‚OP13 Hohenzollernstraße Munich: 
“200 drummers from the drum school drummer’s focus will be causing a stir.”

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