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Our First Ladies

Your first contact at drummer’s focus München will be with friendly Muriel Petersen. You will find her at the school’s reception desk. She deals with the telephone calls, sells sheet music, books, videos and sticks, she is always available for initial talks with people interested in all kinds of subjects. She always gives a warm welcome to students and guests alike and is the one in charge of the df backstage area.

Of course, at drummer’s focus Köln, you will also be greeted with a smile. Here, Heike Wendeler-Chemnitz is all ears and ready to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re curious to take a look, they will be happy to walk through the halls with you. Just drop by and prepare to be amazed. If you like, our students are happy to welcome listeners to their training sessions in our studios.
It goes without saying that this is true for all our schools.

Send a mail to: backstage@drummers-focus.de

Muriel Petersen, df.M
Heike Wendeler-Chemnitz, df.K

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Munich’s sports magazine, Adrenalin-Spiegel issue 9/2000 www.adrenalinspiegel.de
“... hey, if that’s not a good start for a professional career as a drummer ...”

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